My Story…

Hi – thank you for finding out more about me. I’m MBA (Dundee)and Fellow of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. My working background stretches across the private, public and voluntary sectors in the Uk.

I’m semi-retired and settled in Scotland to write, closer to family and friends.

I’ve won two awards for historical novels with the Scottish Association of Writers, one for my debut novel to be published in April 2018.

I’ve also contributed self-help articles to a national weekly. My travel abroad articles and occasional BBC radio contributions mostly starred my vintage MGB car.

I am a member of the Society of Authors and the Edinburgh Writers’ Club.

On a more personal note, my small garden hosts a family of hedgehogs. They are fascinating, prickly little beasts and give enjoyment to everyone I know!

I paint, play tennis and golf all to a variable level. I do love to travel – particularly by car.

But my passion is weaving mystery stories around little known historical facts.

You can follow me on linkedin/in/joan-s-sumner-144332a0/